Water Purifiers

Are you on city water and you don’t like the smell or taste of chlorine? Do you find that your hair color dye seems to fade quickly? Or, do you have a sensitivity to the chemicals in the water and hate the taste? All of these things can be resolved with a new water purifier or water filter.

Clear Water Treatment, Inc. is not a franchise, which means our customers benefit from our ability to buy what best suits their water needs. Our whole-house water filter units are designed to sit outside in our hot, corrosive environment while others filter units are typically geared towards the upper 48 states, where most homes have basements to house their units and where the water is much colder than water found in Florida.

Anyone who doesn’t like his or her water can contact Clear Water Treatment; we will discuss what you don’t like about your water and find the best solution for you. If you want better-than-bottled-water quality without the hassle of buying and recycling little plastic bottles, we can customize a system to your specific needs. A new water filter or water purifier may cost less than you think. Contact us today to find the right fit for your home.

Whole House Carbon Unit

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