Water Problems

The world’s most valuable resource isn’t always perfect. Clear Water Treatment, Inc. takes pride in solving common and not so common problems found in residential and commercial water, including issues like smelly or tea-colored water, high salt, water hardness, bacteria and water staining. Whether it’s drinking water or water used for industrial use, count on our experienced and factory trained professionals. The team at Clear Water Treatment offers a variety of water services and products to meet your specific needs.

Smelly Water & Rotten Egg Smell

The rotten egg smell or sulfur smell in water is typically caused by hydrogen sulfide gas. While generally harmless in water, the smell tends to escape when a faucet is opened, which can be problematic. The smell is best treated BEFORE the water enters your home.

Tea Colored Water

If you see yellow or “tea-colored” water flowing from your faucet, it’s likely the result of tannins or tannic acid in your water system. These substances, while harmless, can still create quite an alarm. Tannins are decomposing organic matter, i.e. leaves, etc.

Hard Water

Hard water can cause a myriad of issues, especially build-up and spotting. Hard water, limestone, and magnesium all form scale and spots on dishes, faucets, shower doors and tiled walls that look like a white chalky powder.

Bacteria in Water

If your home has well water, it is recommended that you have your water tested yearly for bacteria. Bacteria can come in many different forms, but the most common bacteria forms in water are Coliform and E. Coli, and they can make you very sick.

Water Stains

Water stains can be an eyesore and a nuisance. Most common water staining is an orange or brown color found in toilets and showers. This phenomenon is usually caused by an excess of iron in the water system.