Reverse Osmosis

Whole-House Reverse Osmosis Unit

Reverse osmosis is a very popular and relatively inexpensive way to reduce the solids in your water.

It is a purification technology that forces water through a semipermeable membrane. Just as plants use the osmosis process for transporting water to cells, reverse osmosis (R.O.) technology utilizes pressure created by pumps to force water through a membrane which separates the high solids content water from the low solids content water. The high solids, which will not pass through the membrane, exit through a drain and the low solids content water flows into a storage tank.

One of the first groups to utilize reverse osmosis technology was NASA. When every ounce of weight in the shuttle matters and maximum sustainability is sought for missions, NASA scientists employ reverse osmosis technology to recycle their own urine into drinking water.

The technology has advanced through the years. Automatic shut off valves are now standard, today R.O.units use much less water than before. A common reverse osmosis unit 20-25 years ago would produce around 10 gallons per day. Now, most under the sink reverse osmosis units are in the 50 gallons per day range. A typical family will not require a unit with such capacity, this tells you how fast the unit can make water and recover if you empty the holding tank.

Whether the R.O. unit is under your sink or on the side of your house, the process is the same – both provide your house with premium, high-quality water. We have installed and actively maintain reverse osmosis systems in homes, hospitals, labs, and can custom-fit systems for almost any need. Wherever your water system is, our reverse osmosis systems will meet and exceed your expectations.

Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Unit

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