New Commercial Water Systems

When commercial water system owners encounter problems with their water, many more people see and taste the effects. Clear Water Treatment, Inc. can set up and maintain new commercial water systems for a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, country clubs, nursing homes, churches, crime labs, surgery centers, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and other organizations.

At Clear Water Treatment, we provide ongoing training to our employees and technicians to utilize industry innovations, which allow our customers the benefit of “green” technology. Our technology will not compromise performance, but leave your system even more beneficial than before.

Our team can set, disassemble, design, install, repair and maintain the commercial applications below:

Country Clubs – Spot-free dishes, glassware, and silverware & install odor and taste filters.

Restaurants – Treat water so dishes, glassware, and silverware come out spot-free & install point-of-use filters to improve water taste. 

Nursing Homes – Use less laundry detergent with softened water & get spot-free dishes, glassware, and silverware.

Churches – Install odor and taste filters.

Crime Labs – Assist with latent fingerprints and help photos come out clearer.

Surgery Centers – Provide mineral free water to improve autoclave for sterilizing instruments.

Hospitals – Improve chiller operations, boiler operations, and surgical instruments sterilizers.

Manufacturing Facilities – Improve the water to improve production.

Reach out to Clear Water Treatment and we’ll have your business water system running with minimum or no downtime.

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