If you think hard water doesn’t affect you, you might want to think again — odds are you’re part of the 90% of American households that lose money every year from excessive minerals in the water.

You probably know that the mineral buildup can really mess up the way water flows through your pipes and can be rough on your clothes. But did you know that it can also be bad for your health?

Your body can suffer just as much as your wallet. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t be showering in hard water.

1. It’s Bad For Your Skin

All of the extra minerals in water don’t wash away down the drain. Instead, they stay on your skin, causing a whole host of problems.

They can prevent your skin from retaining moisture properly, which will leave you feeling uncomfortably itchy and shriveled. They also can create soap scum with the body wash you use. (The same scum you scrub out of your shower!)

The resulting film on top of your skin means you’re never truly clean.

2. Hard Water Has Been Linked To Health Issues

Besides being bad for your skin, showering without a water softener can also lead to a variety of different health issues later on in life.

In kids, conditions like slow growth and eczema can be linked back to the kind of water they’ve been showering in on a regular basis.

Even scarier are the studies that link Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease to poor water quality.

3. You Won’t Feel Clean

Have you ever showered somewhere different — like the gym, or at a hotel — and been amazed at how much different your skin feels?

Wherever you went probably had a water softener, and you were surprised by what it feels like to actually be clean.

The extra minerals and materials in hard water will hang around on your skin, and the build-up only gets worse the more often you bathe in the water. That means you’re spending all that time in the shower without getting clean.

4. Your Hair Will Suffer

The same minerals and deposits that build up on your skin will accumulate in your hair, too.

Their combined effect makes your hair drier and frizzier — bad news for anyone with curly hair that’s already hard to tame. Even worse, water with too much calcium can cause build up around follicles, which can actually make hair fall out.

5. It Makes You Use Too Much Product

Odds are that your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash weren’t made to react to the level of minerals that are in your water. That’s bad news for you since it means you’re using an excessive amount of product in order to get the same results.

This isn’t good for your skin, your hair, or your wallet.

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