Commercial Case Studies

We have a manufacturing facility that ships their product throughout the world. To produce their product, they needed the best water quality available and when they first consulted with us, they were spending more than $10,000.00 per year to use bottled water.

We listened to what they told us they needed for their production and asked about their projected future growth. In addition, they needed to cut their overhead. We designed and installed a system that eliminated their need for bottled water, provided them consistent water quality and took into account their future plans for expansion. Furthermore, we accomplished all of this and delivered under budget!

Since our original system has gone in, they have more than doubled their production!

A crime lab uses a steam spray to accentuate finger prints and photo processing. We installed a system that accomplishes this. Their instruments have fewer breakdowns and last longer because of the higher quality of water going through it.

A local SWFL hospital had water conditioners that had metal mineral tanks that had rusted due to sitting outside, albeit in a covered area. As the rusted areas grew there was concern that pin holes would develop, putting their system in a crisis mode. We proposed and installed a new system that not only had polyglass mineral tanks, which rid them of any future rusting concerns but also control valves made not with brass as their corroded ones were made of, but of a plastic designed by NASA. The new control valves are stronger and not susceptible to rusting. We were also able to calibrate the new units to their unique needs, thus cutting down on their salt use. A win/win for all.

Coral Oaks Golf course, Cape Coral, FL is on a well.  They had a very expensive and older system that frequently broke down.  Not only was it unreliable, the water pressure in the restaurant and restrooms was always very low.

We visited the site, listened to what they needed, inspected and tested what had been installed.   We designed and engineered a system that dramatically increased their water pressure and cost significantly less than their old system.  The new system we installed has provided them with not only better water pressure, but their overall cost to run it is less than their previous system.  We have helped them by installing a system that is compliant with the Health Department for the State of Florida, and is delivering quality water.  Let us take the hassle out of maintaining and serving your commercial water needs.

We were contacted by a local medical facility that while their building is on city water,  they needed a backup, high quality water source in the event of an emergency.  This site does have a backup well to be used when there may be no power and the city water source is questionable.  The system we inspected was outdated and expensive to maintain and run.  After inspecting the site and testing their water source from the well, we were able to propose a new system.  We engineered and designed a system that met their needs for reliable, quality water.  All while meeting the Florida Department of Health criteria. 

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