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With unrivaled knowledge and experience, we provide residential customers with the high-quality water they deserve. Whether water softening, purification or reverse osmosis, the team at Clear Water Treatment ensures that each resident they serve receives dependable and efficient service.

Commercial Water

The team at Clear Water Treatment, Inc., has been installing and repairing commercial water treatment systems for more than 25 years, providing solutions for a wide variety of commercial applications, hospitals, and institutions right here in Southwest Florida.

Water Problems

The world’s most valuable resource isn’t always perfect. Clear Water Treatment, Inc. takes pride in solving common and not so common problems found in residential and commercial water, including issues like smelly or tea-colored water, high salt, water hardness, bacteria and water staining.

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Clear Water Treatment, Inc.

Would you like to improve your water? Count on the CLEAR choice for water treatment in Southwest Florida: Clear Water Treatment, Inc. The talented professionals at Clear Water Treatment, Inc have been working in the water industry for decades and use their experience and education know-how to deliver high-quality service every time. Whatever your needs for a water treatment system, commercial or a residential, our team will locate the problem and resolve your issues on time and at a competitive price.

Clear Water Treatment, Inc. brings experience to solving water problems and concerns. Our founder, Jeff Wilkin, began his water treatment career in 1979, right here in Southwest Florida. Since opening Clear Water Treatment, Inc, in 1991, Jeff and his wife, Sandy have built their team through education and hands-on experience to solve the toughest water issues today and take pride in being a family-owned, local business with deep roots in the community.

Clear Water Treatment, Inc., has deep roots in our community.  We own our building.

We don’t send sales people out on service calls.  We are a service oriented company,  we will assess your system first to see if it is feasible to repair it.  We give you options and will try to repair it first.  If it is not cost effective, we will tell you.

Whether you need a new filtration system or water softener, or have noticed low water pressure or a rotten egg smell in your system, Clear Water Treatment has the tools and the personnel to solve the problem. Contact us today for any home, commercial or industrial water treatment needs.

Phone: (239) 217-0597

Address: 4008 Wholesale Court (off Hancock Bridge Pkwy.),
North Ft. Myers, FL 33903

Service hours are 7:30am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday.

We do offer after hours emergency service.


What Clients Say About Us

  • “As a resident of Cape Coral on City water, we have water that is treated with chlorine. Before installing the showerhead filter,
    it was almost impossible for me to comb through my wet hair and it felt like straw. I tried every hair conditioner, including those
    made for swimmers, to no avail. Now that I have the filter, my comb glides right through my wet hair. No more snarls!!! I would
    highly recommend the showerhead filter.”

    Kathy T., Cape Coral, FL
  • Hello Sandy, “I love my shower head. The water no longer causes my hair to dry out, be frizzy, and break. My hair feels so much softer
    and looks healthier. I use to get frustrated because when I took a shower my face and body would dry out my skin like it did
    with my hair. Since my husband installed the shower head my face doesn’t peel anymore and my skin feels soft.”

    Ashley M., Ft. Myers
  • Jeff & Sandy, “We used to buy those bottled waters. We purchased an under-sink RO system and you installed it. Not only did
    we save money not having to buy bottled water we don’t have to deal with disposing or recycling all that plastic. Like so many
    many others, we moved her from a northern state and had no idea how bad the city water was. Once we found out, for our family’s
    health we decided an RO was a must have for Florida living. Thank You!”

    Mike, Colleen, Mason, Cape Coral, FL
  • Thank You, Clear Water Treatment, Inc. “I noticed the first joint on my little fingers were starting to turn in; almost half way.
    I had a hair analysis done and discovered I have a high level of strontium in my body. High levels of strontium can cause arthritis.
    I was told the strontium levels in our drinking water in Florida are very high and the only way to remove it is by Reverse Osmosis.
    Jeff Wilkin, from Clear Water Treatment, installed an R.O. unit under my sink about a year ago. I use only this water for drinking,
    cooking, in the coffee maker, and making ice. I do not consume any water which has not been through the R.O. unit. After only a year
    the joints on my fingers are straight again and I no longer have pain in my hands. Thank you, Jeff and Sandy.”

    Carolin Gladding, Cape Coral
  • “My wife and I are amazed at the improvement in the quality of our water after Clear Water Treatment installed a home filter
    system. Quite frankly I never thought we would be drinking and enjoying the taste of our tap water, but we do! Our youngest
    son was showing signs of skin irritation from the chlorine in the water after bath time and now the irritation is a moot point,
    not to mention the difference in softness in washing our hair. The filter system was one of the best home improvements we
    have made, truly improving our quality of life. Thank you, lear Water Treatment!!!”

    Daniel and Denise Pearson

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